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18 Sep 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 18th September 2019

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17 Sep 2019 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Premier League Transfer Window Review

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16 Sep 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 16th September 2019

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15 Sep 2019 22:52:45
You got your Arsenal back you got your Arsenal back you got your Arsenal back 😂

Watford battered you. Lucky Arsenal, but its OK you won the fa Cup 10 years ago and you have Rob Holding, Cellabos on loan and Saliba for next season.

Arsenal are the laughing stock of world football - hehe 😂🤣 haha.

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15 Sep 2019 19:52:03
A quick scan of the old t'internet and it reveals Arsenal FC founded in 1886!
That must mean you're 4 years behind us Oddbod and not 10 years ahead 👍.

That was the sound of Oddbod slamming his bedroom door and refusing to speak to anyone for a week 😉
Unlucky Mr. Facts and logic 😅.

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15 Sep 2019 21:11:14
If only he wouldn’t talk to us for a week - we could actually talk about Tottenham on here and not have to listen to his psychotic outbursts.

15 Sep 2019 21:16:02
Theleftwilleatitself Liverpool were founded in 1892 so now you think your are ahead of Liverpool by 10 years? 🤣😂🤣.

15 Sep 2019 22:09:40
I only come on here to give you guys a reality check but clearly some of you are so deluded it’s hilarious with no chance of bringing you back down to earth with facts that you don’t believe, so you keep celebrating too early as usual with absolutely nothing to show for it come May. The amazing president sir Wodbod signing off.

16 Sep 2019 22:03:23
You came on here last week Oddbod to gloat about one of our players getting injured and being out for 6 weeks, so don’t try and sell us that nonsense 🤫.

15 Sep 2019 18:39:43
Hahahahahaha business as usual. Don't forget to mention the foul on Hughes for the first goal today Oddbod. Hahahahaha Guendozi hahahahaha Pepe hahahahaha Thursday nights hahahahahaha.

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15 Sep 2019 19:40:01
2 nil up against the bottom of the league and they go missing as usual😂🤣😂🤣 don't worry wodbod if you are not enjoying the match on Thursday night you only have to switch to BBC for a bit of Danny dyer and Phil Mitchell 😂🤣😂🤣.

15 Sep 2019 19:53:57
Hahaha No major trophy in 28 years
Ahahahahahahahah No league title in 58 years
Plenty to celebrate being a spurs fan

15 Sep 2019 19:56:31
I’ve never met a spurs fan who celebrates Arsenal getting a point away Ahahahahah.

15 Sep 2019 19:57:12
So you think it should of been 1-0 to Arsenal then? encroachment for Watford first goal, and dived for Watford’s pen, Kane should watch how to dive probably.

15 Sep 2019 20:10:48
Ouch, someone's not happy tonight 😭.

15 Sep 2019 20:19:54
I’ve never met a fan of any other club as obsessed with us as you Oddbod - it’s mind blowing. Have you considered psychiatric help?

15 Sep 2019 20:44:05
Both Watford goals were spot on, David Luiz was lucky he didn't break the players leg for the penalty, you are so bitter when results don't go your way is unreal plus the jealousy you have over the raver, I can't help I look like a Greek God with my purple torso and Erick lamela looks going clubbing every weekend in the subaru😎.

15 Sep 2019 21:07:51
Raver - purple torso? You might want to go see the doctor it might not be too late.

15 Sep 2019 21:28:05
Lol I meant to say ripped instead of purple torso, mind you the amount of alcohol and marching powder I had last night my body does look a bit off colour😁.

15 Sep 2019 22:03:31
Raver didn’t you see the Watford player in the area when the goal kick was taken? Or do you think that is allowed?

16 Sep 2019 01:01:36
His foot was an inch over the line wodbod, it could have been given sure but its pretty insignificant and not what cost us the game. Emery finding a way take an improved squad and somehow make them almost spurs-level bottlers is the problem. Our entire defence and midfield just evaporating under any pressure is the problem. Playing out from the back for no reason, under huge pressure, when we're rubbish at it is the problem. Having a cb who cannot defend and is averaging a penalty a game is the problem. Having a spineless team led by a spineless, tactically clueless manager is the problem. Watford could have scored 10 today.

All of that and we're level on points with the mighty spurs.

16 Sep 2019 15:00:32
Sir Wenger, and you're also playing on Thursday nights, again.

16 Sep 2019 22:10:37
⬆️ Oddbod owned by a Goon in SirWenger, on a Spurs page! Priceless 🥇.

15 Sep 2019 07:39:02
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 15th September 2019

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15 Sep 2019 15:27:21
How do spurs fans on here actually believe a club with bigger finances and more successful trophy cabinet means nothing when trying to compare clubs. 😂🤣😂.

15 Sep 2019 19:51:59
Yellow card and theleftwilleatitself Arsenal are the 3rd most successful team in England, spurs are 7th behind Chelsea, Everton and Aston Villa, years behind Arsenal.

15 Sep 2019 19:58:33
10 years ahead of us Oddbod?
Sideshow Bob 😅
Granit Xhaka 😆
Your keeper getting a yellow card for wasting time after 76 minutes against Watford 😄.

14 Sep 2019 18:45:16
Fantastic result today for the famous spurs, I'm now heading into seedy cental London with I'm feeling glad all over on the sounds system 😁 I can't wait to dine out on my Erick lamela looks tonight after he scored today and I'll be fighting all the ladies off tonight, also to wodbod MIND THAT GAP😎.

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14 Sep 2019 19:07:50
First half was best 45 minutes I’ve seen us play in 2019.

14 Sep 2019 18:52:07
Well said The Raver, we desperately needed that win and should have come out of the traps like that against the Geordies 👍
The worrying thing is a 'reliable' source has recently informed me that we are "currently at least 10 years behind Arsenal" 😳
So, much work to do to close that yawning gap 😉.

14 Sep 2019 23:38:27
When you have an own goal and Lamela scores you know that is a one off, I wouldn’t get too carried away, but then again it is spurs fans LOL. Raver mind the gap saying doesn’t work when you have played a game more and only 1 point above.

14 Sep 2019 23:42:05
You are at least 10 years behind Arsenal, that’s why you can’t afford to pay the wages top players want like Arsenal do and you can’t keep players who want to win trophies, Eriksen is a great example of you being over 10 years behind.

15 Sep 2019 02:04:01
Behind you Oddbod. when were you last in CL final . wait when did you last qualify to play in the CL?

I think you’ll find we’ve been ahead of you the last few seasons . long may it last. Keep harping on about the past . it’s history.

15 Sep 2019 08:33:32
Going by that logic then yellow card you must also believe you are ahead of Man United as well too. 😂🤣😂.

15 Sep 2019 08:45:48
Yellow it’s a clubs history that makes it a big club, the reason you don’t like history is because spurs history is embarrassing, last league title 1961, last FA cup 1991

15 Sep 2019 10:52:54
Remind us who you play Thursday Oddbod? 🤔.

15 Sep 2019 11:55:50
Wodbod what happened to Ramsey, sanchez etc they all run their contracts down and walked out 😂🤣😂 10 years behind a club who plays on Thursday nights😂🤣😂and I thought I had too much Mickey louder last night.

15 Sep 2019 12:22:26
Another pivot Oddbod? Losing another argument, change the parameters, good try - not good enough.

15 Sep 2019 15:15:10
Arsenal withdrew Ramsey contract offer he shed a tear when he left, completely different and yellow card thinks that’s losing an argument. 🤣😂

15 Sep 2019 15:34:04
Yellow card you do realise that Wigan, Portsmouth, Everton, Leicester, Swansea and Birmingham have had more success than spurs in the last 28 years. No wonder you don’t like talking about history 😂🤣😂.

15 Sep 2019 19:51:29
Oddbod, how many different debates are you having with me?

The ONLY subject I’ve addressed is current status of our respective clubs . you have attempted to throw so much stuff at me in the hope of something sticking I’ve lost track . so back to the original scheduled programming. Oddbod trying to find a valid point, me enjoying Sunday afternoon in the sun having a pint knowing his team failed again.

Cheers Oddbod . oh wait you’re probably not of legal drinking age.

15 Sep 2019 20:14:58
He's in his bedroom Yellow Card, refusing to speak to anyone for a week after today's shambles against mighty Watford 😉.


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