22 Aug 2021 16:04:04
Wellwe may have won, but thus game highlighted what I've been saying and what we all have known for about 2 years. We still don't have a right back, Sanchez needs replacing, and more importantly we don't have a playmaker in midfield that can get o the ball for us, keep it and dictate any sort of play. 41% of the ball today and over three times as many chances for Wolves, who aren't even that good. We mugged them today but we can't go on like this, 9 days to get it sorted, I don't expect us to though!

1.) 22 Aug 2021
22 Aug 2021 18:41:05
2 games 6 points . I honestly have no clue how …and I have no clue how we expect to continue playing the way we are and winning. Just a matter of time, much like like season before we implode.