17 Feb 2020 07:27:17
Can anyone explain why we needed 2 holding midfielders vs a team in 17th that can't defend to save their lives? Dier is so poor anyway, why not pick someone that can play a forward pass and help us keep the ball better. If we had played Lo Celso from the start we would have controlled that game and struggled a lot less.

Also I can't understand how Lloris didn't just come and pick up that cross. I thought Gks were there to help the defenders and take the pressure off them? His starting posistion was 3yards off his line, the cross traveled a fair way and he allowed it to land on the 6 yard line! And as for Son and Alli in front of goal, my nan could have done better, luckily for them 2 she isn't signed on!

{Ed047's Note - you do know Mourinho is at the wheel of his same old bus. That’s your style of play now mate

1.) 18 Feb 2020
18 Feb 2020 17:22:59
Perhaps your nan needs to sign on, now that Son seems done for the season.