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14 Mar 2015 13:06:50

I have been thinking along similar lines to you.

We currently have 28 players in our squad (including 2 on loan) but the immediate future seems uncertain for at least 16 of them.

Lloris, Erikson, Kane and Walker are key players for us, but might soon attract attention from bigger clubs. We should do our best to keep them all, but it might not be feasible.

Vorm and Stambouli probably expected more games than they have had, and Chiriches has dropped down the pecking order, so they might all want to get away in the summer. Similarly, Lennon probably won't want to return when his loan period is up.

Friedel hasn't been used at all this season, so he might finally retire.

Then there are the expensive misfits: Soldado, Lamela and Paulinho. It seems unlikely any of them will suddenly come good, so I am sure we will consider any half-decent offers, but the stumbling block could be their wages. We might be lucky to get 25m or 30m for all three.

Finally, there are 4 players who Pochetinno seems determined to snub. Even with our crowded fixture list, Adebayor, Kaboul, Ekotto and Capoue never even make it to the bench these days. I don't know how they have managed to alienate Pochettino, but it seems he doesn't want them at any price.

It worries me that there are so many players who seem to have no future under Pochettino, but I don't see know how we could discard a dozen players in a single transfer window, so restructuring the squad might take longer than he wants.

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18 Mar 2015 11:25:08

Ekotto has already left the club, as for the other 3, 2 are simply not good enough for us them being Ade and Kaboul, Ade never wants to play and Kaboul injuries have caught up with him. Capoue I am not sure of thing he can be a good player for us but possible have better currently.

As for the 3 misfits, Soldado still has some resale value, we have seen glimpses of his quality and I think once he moves he will start scoring again. Lamela will never come good and is the biggest waste of money I have ever seen any team spend and I think we will be lucky to recoup half of the fee we spent. Paulinho is a difficult one, seems to slow for the premier league, but does score goals, personally think he could fetch 10-15m if sold.

18 Mar 2015 17:51:43

As soon as I posted, I remembered that we released Ekotto in January.

The point if my post was not to give my own opinion of these players but to speculate about what Pochetinno might be thinking.

In respect of the 3 misfits: I am constantly amazed by what clubs will pay for players, but Soldado will have turned 30 by the start of the transfer window and with his recent record he will surely not attract any top clubs. If we decide to let him go then the only takers will be clubs that are not used to paying the sort of wages we can pay, so they will probably only be tempted to break their own pay structures if they get Soldado for next to nothing.

Lamela is much younger and will probably have more resale value, so I would hope we could get a sensible fee for him. Like you, I can see nothing in him that explains why we bought him at all, let alone why we paid so much.

Paulinho I just don't know about. He is the best of the three, but not what we expected to get from a 24-year-old current Brazilian international that had just played every game in the Confederations Cup. I don't really have a feel for what his current market value might be.

Overall, I would not be too optimistic about how much we could recoup if we decide to sell these three.

I agree that Adebayor cannot be depended upon and that Kaboul has had too many injuries and may be pematurely past his best, but while we are paying them they should at least be an option. In fact, I generally see a stronger case for bringing Aebayor off the bench than Soldado. Simililarly, Kaboul is still a better bet than Chiriches, for example.

I have no idea what the problem with Capoue might be. He looks to be a decent quality squad player who could have been doing a job for us in a few more games than we have seen.

At the end of the day, it is Pochetino's judgement that matters, not mine. I merely record my concern that we seem to have so many plyers that are not really in his plans.

19 Mar 2015 12:28:23

Sorry I mis understood your post and for what its worth I think you are right, Poch just doesn't seem to like or rate these players. As I said I understand about Ade and Kaboul but the other 2 IMO can still offer the squad something, as for Soldado and Lamela, I think although Soldado will be 30, he will still have a resale value of between 10-12m, Lamela as you say is still very young and is highly regarded in Italy, so we may recoup upto 20m for him but no more. Its difficult for Poch to have a massive overlay of players, because even if the 2 mentioned get the money mentioned and Ade, Kaboul, Capoue and Paulinho fetch a combined total of 25m add that to 32m = 57m, what sort of players does this buy in todays transfer market, if we are lucky we may get 3 very good players for this money but we would have sold 6. Like you I think maybe Poch needs to utilise a couple of these players rather then move them on.



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