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07 Feb 2015 14:44:47
A very well deserved victory, enjoy your celebration's everyone especially 85

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07 Feb 2015 15:43:26
Cheers gunner, was worried I was going to be finding myself on your page shortly at half time. I'm at work and missed the game but going to have a few beers tonight. Much respect for staying true to your word and popping back with the congrats.

Both teams got exactly what they deserved today 85 mate, there was no injustice or reason to complain at all.
Just like you said yesterday, may the best team win and today they did just that.
Stick by this manager through this good time and even when things aren't going quite as well and then us finishing above you will not be a foregone conclusion.
Good luck for the rest of the season mate

07 Feb 2015 20:14:12
Gunner, fair play for your comments. You seem similar to myself as in your love your team but don't get to caught up in the emotions and can give credit where credit is due. I still haven't seen the game but am very much looking forward to motd as you can probably imagine. Should be a very good end to the season as Southampton don't look like they are going to let up and I still would not write off Liverpool just yet.
Same to you mate, may the better team be higher come the end of the season. Also in hope you stick with your manager aswell as he really is sending you in the direction I would like you to go haha. What's your view on arseinfinger, stay or go?

Before the city performance and the way we set up with Le Coq I was 100% times up on Arsene but if he will change and adapt to a more mature modern adaptable game then I want him to see out his last 2 years.
To me winning is nice but not everything but being all you can possibly be is very important.
The 4th place trophy year after year with no DM and £?millions in the bank is not acceptable anymore IMO 85

07 Feb 2015 22:37:29
I know what your saying mate feels the fans are being robbed of a potential good team and of course trophy which your lot were used to. The same feelings are felt by ourselves on the most part and many fans will tell you that had we just spent money at this point and that point then things would've been different but fail to accept that it's not as simple as it seems.
For example when we did spend money it effectively made us worse so it's more important to get the right players over spending lots of money. Well if the right player will not join you then what? Spend money on someone who you don't feel is right or throw even more money at another player who is of the same quality? Meaning a bigger gamble. Basically I think your lot have done well to stay amongst it whilst paying off the stadium because what is a decade if arsenal are around for say another thousand years? It's minimal really isn't it? The only question to be asked now is, have you fallen to far behind to ever really compete for the top prize again? The only thing I think arsein is unable to do is buy decent defensive players and that could become a major problem. That said I don't watch your lot as much as you do and you will know better than me.



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