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10 Dec 2014 11:13:25

I don't know if I have satisfactory answers to any of your questions but I will make a few suggestions.

Q: Why can we never unearth little gems?

A: Because if you discount the 'one season wonders' there probably aren't as many as you think and everybody is trying to find them.

Q: Why do we always have to spend a fortune on players that other teams have scouted?

A: Because all the most promising players will be on the radar of all the ambitious clubs.

Q: Why does the manager buy players, i.e. Stambouli, then not play them?

A: Probably because the manager doesn't buy players: he is given them by the Director of Football.

Q: Why does Daniel Levy choose a manager then not back him? Instead he puts in a buffer, like Baldini

A: Probably because Levy wants someone on the Board who he thinks knows about football and regards managers as just plebs.

Q: Isn't Joe Lewis worried about what's happening at our club? If so, why does he sit with his finger up his arse while our club lurches from one crisis to another?

A: Probably because he doesn't agree that we are lurching from crisis to crisis. Since 2005/06 we have finished in the top six every season except for the two years of the Ramos debacle.

We are frustrated that we cannot push on to regular Champions League football, but if we spend recklessly in order to displace one of the bigger clubs they will respond by deploying their substantially greater resources. That is not a battle we would win.

Q: In any other business, there would have been wholesale changes at the top, why not here?

A: Because the people at the top own the club.

Q: What is it with Mopo? Fans and pundits sitting watching can see who are performing and who's not, why can't he?

A: Because he still doesn't really know his players yet and has to balance the conflicting claims of current form and future promise.

That is a judgement call that pundits and fans struggle with as much as Pochettino.

I hope I this hasn't done too much damage to your blood pressure.

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10 Dec 2014 15:23:53
We have unearthed some gems in the academy eg Onomah, Winks, Azzaoui and McEvoy to name a few.

How many of these new Drogbas ( Coulibaly) new Ronaldos live up to the hype? Hardly any.

Like KM says every big team is after the next big talent. We were after Halilovic for years but Barca got him.

Thanks KM, and my blood pressure hasn't raised, could be due to the fact that I managed to get rid of a useless pleb that worked for me today! Negative I may be, but I only want my team to play proper football without breaking the bank . I am not one of these who expects Levy to spend super millions on one player, Soldado and Lamela, were so over priced! But bargains like Bony, Bentenke, suarez originally, players that show promise but don't cost the earth at first . Our big buys are always done in a panic, so we end up paying over the odds . Always at the end of the transfer window, when the best has gone and the rest are over priced because clubs know you need them and you end up paying more than you would have for a better player . We need Levy to back the manager, not BALDINI . Mopo is the one who has to work with the players and who has his neck on the line, then back him . Haven't we learnt from the last couple of seasons that Baldini can't do the job, some of his buys are ridiculous! So, my frustrations boil out and on to this page . Whilst I am at it, can 1985 and Spurski tell me something, Lloris, and Eriksen apart, what good things have they noticed this season? What players do we have apart from these two that any other top team would even show an interest in without laughing at Levys price for them! Basically, I see none . We have a huge squad of squad players, no other stand outs at all!

10 Dec 2014 20:52:24
Bet you didn't think Baldini's buys were that bad at the time though did you?

Your talking nonsense we have lots of good players.

10 Dec 2014 23:21:55
Davo, again writing garbage without thinking. A small list for you to ponder my friend. Bale, Berbatov, modric, Carrick, Lloris, erikson, vertongen (gone sour sure but undoubtedly a talented player) even Lennon when we first signed him. All amazing quality we signed for a low(ish) fee and signings that made the teams above us jealous (I got more if you still are not satisfied)

Spurski is right, you loved these signings when we were making them, the only person who predicted Lamela wasn't going to work out was ed 2 (well called ed, will hopefully hear the reasoning behind that one day). You were even praising the appointment of Baldini, many was calling it the signing of the season, fickle comes to mind.

What have I noticed that is good? Well, seeing our academy names being used, Mason has especially taken his chance and deserves his time on the field. Bentaleb also still getting a look in, fantastic! Winks getting a few minutes and a couple more mentioned for tomorrow night. Also, against Everton I saw a team player the Mopo way effectively which shows the ability is there and if the team can get on board we will look like a strong team that'll be very hard to beat. I've also seen the manager, although results not being good getting the chance to build without hearing constantly he is going to get sacked, so refreshing. I also see the foundation of a good side capable of becoming something special if it's given the time, one step back two forward type thing. Basically what I see is what we all demand until its not working. We all want to see our youth players get a chance (example, "how come we don't unearth gems" because we don't give them a chance). Apart from not playing to the best of our ability I see a lot of positives.
I'm sorry for you that you cannot.

Spurski and 1985, you didn't answer the question? Who stands out?
Vert, yes, when he sorts his head out . Pleased for Mason, glad he got his chance and he has took it well . Apart from that????? Fazio is too early but played in the right formation, good buy but not one the other top clubs would jump to buy .
1985, yes you make good points and things aren't bad off the field and at the academy . I wouldn't change our manager either although he makes some very interesting and debatable decisions . Levy could go tomorrow as far as I am concerned, he has taken us as far as he can .
As far as I can remember, I could be wrong but age has shrunk my memory, but I never made any comments about Baldini . He did bugger all for England, except get a lot of free holidays watching players like he does for us now . If I am wrong then perhaps the Eds will let me know? As for his signings, not being a follower of World football it's hard for me to comment as I didn't know most of them . I was pleased that we had actually brought someone, that Levy was dipping into the treasure chest . After all he had just given away one of the best players we had ever had at our club .
But let's look at them, then you tell me if you are happy with them?
Lloris and Eriksen, brilliant .
Verts, sort out his head, brilliant
Soldado, play to his strengths, could be worth it .
Lamela, jury's out on that one
Chadli, Pauliho, would touch with a barge pole . Then we look at the problems from another direction .
We are stuck with, Rose, Kaboul, Vlad, townsend, Ade, Nau
Naughton, to name a few because of the silly prices and wages we want and give to them .
Lamela, Soldado, Paulinho, Chadli, we are stuck with unless we take a huge hit on them, which Levy won't!
So please answer some big questions for me,
IF, we finish in the bottom six, rather than the top ten, how would you feel about our current predicament then, how would you feel if relegation came? Would you still sit there blowing the same tune out of your backside when we join Arry in the championship?
Would we still hear the same story about how it's a development season, what class players we have ( who, when needed to, haven't the stomach for a fight ) and what a lovely ground we have to play championship football in? Sorry, but good performances from players get the fans behind you, good intentions for the club get the fans behind you . I for one, don't relish the possibility of travelling to Wigan and Bolton next season .

11 Dec 2014 20:41:35
Davo, some fair points mentioned there but my answer is simply yes I'd be happy in the bottom 6 Aslong as it's not relegation. No, getting relegated doesn't appeal to me and if that looks likely I'll jump on the bandwagon. As far as this season goes all I want to see is the manager given the chance, to prove we will back someone we employ because as far as I'm concerned nothing else has worked for us and if it means building to be brilliant in 2 years time I'll take that over sacking the manager and starting again. Stability Imo is the only way we will move on from the last few years of disappointment, hopefully!

Not sure I agree with the bottom 6 concept, but the rest I with you 1985.



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